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Without any doubt: if mobile isn’t at the core of your online marketing strategy, it’s time to adapt it.  In 2015, Google announced that mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic for the first time, and the difference has continued to increase. So, if you want your digital marketing plan to succeed, it is crucial to develop your mobile marketing strategy. This just means identifying certain key elements of your online marketing efforts and bringing on your user’s mobile device. 

The users are already prepared for mobile marketing and the mobile app market has also reached its maturity level. Thus, to completely understand and include this in your strategy, let us take a close look at what is mobile marketing and mobile marketing strategies to build your brand and increase conversions.

What’s Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is the sharing of your business or brand in a way that is optimized for smartphones or other mobile devices across apps, websites, and social media channels.

Being a marketing strategy, mobile marketing enables your business to reach a larger audience instead of focusing completely on desktop digital marketing methods. Around 67% of the buying process today happens digitally. 

Marketing teams can benefit from the amount of time that an average person is spending on a mobile device. Because we are on our mobile phones daily, it makes sense that the marketing campaigns are specialized specifically for mobile viewers across different digital platforms.

As simple as it sounds, mobile marketing incorporates a wide range of delivery channels including SMS messaging, email, in-app advertising, QR codes, and more.

Building Your Brand with Smartphone

On average, consumers spend around 5 hours daily watching videos, browsing social media, playing games and shopping using their tablet or smartphone. This information is highly significant than only providing trivia. For businesses and brands, that means it is ample time that you can be capturing your visitors through mobile.

Bottom line is, in case you are looking to improve your brand’s outcome or improve your customer engagement, your digital marketing strategy should include mobile marketing. And if not, you are missing out on this simple opportunity of engaging with your visitors.

Looking at Mobile Strategies for Building Your Brand Awareness

Mobile marketing makes an important part of any marketing place if the main goal of your campaign is building brand awareness. The mobile-friendly platforms such as social media apps will make it simple for the consumers to connect with your brands, whether they are liking, sharing or commenting, making this the best area for launching the brand awareness campaigns.

Here are some strategies for building brand awareness via mobile:

Mobile Notifications

Sending your mobile users text notifications of promotions, discounts, sales, etc. is the best way of connecting with your targeted audience and improves conversion rates. 

Mobile Email Marketing

To get in touch with the customers and followers email marketing is an effective way out. For making email marketing mobile-friendly, ensure all links contained in your emails are interactive and clickable. 

QR Code

Brands have found huge success by creating mobile barcodes (or QR codes) and electronic coupons that are scanned physically at a point of purchase whenever customers visit any brand in-store. 

SMS Marketing

This type of marketing is one great way for the brand to communicate with your audience instantly. However, you should get your customer’s consent before you send texts, and must offer the ability to opt out from getting the texts at any time.

In-Game Marketing

There are chances that you or somebody you know has a mobile game on their phone. This makes mobile ads an effective marketing tool. Mobile ads will appear as banner pop-ups, video ads or full-page image ads that come in-between loading screens. 

Location-Based Marketing

This will help to ensure that you are not wasting out your marketing budget on the users who are not in your geographic parameters and service. Using mobile GPS features, brands and businesses will send modified messages to their customers in a specific geographic area. 

Wrap Up!!

In the world we live in, consumers spend several hours searching, playing and shopping on their mobile devices. Mobile marketers must not ignore digital advertising if they are looking to keep expanding their brands and sales.