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Today influencer marketing is gaining huge popularity. Around 78% of the consumers prefer making their buying decisions based on their friend’s recommendations or online influencers that they trust. With mobile marketing and mobile app distribution campaigns deeply evolving in past few years, competition in the traditional UA channels like ASO and CPA/ CPI media buying has grown proportionally. With a wide number of mobile apps available in almost all categories, the users are tangled without any objective criteria to differentiate the correct one —it is only a matter of preference and personal choice. 

Influencer marketing assures improved reach of the audience even when the drops are registered over the organic traffic. This remains a new and fresh channel with many active audiences that is quite important, where traffic sources have totally fizzled out.

What Exactly Is Influencer Marketing for Apps?

Influencer marketing is using an individual ‘influencer’ for promoting your application to their following over their blog, social media channels, website, or all of them! It gives you an opportunity of displaying your application to thousands and even millions, of prominent users. When performed correctly this must come over as natural. The successful types of influencer marketing are ones that appear like a real recommendation for a great product. So, anything that comes ahead as scripted or forced will scream advertising to its viewers.

How My Application Will Benefit From The Influencer Marketing?

Here we will look at some benefits of involving influencer marketing for mobile apps: 

Enhanced Mobile App Recognition

The main role of an influencer marketer is to help the developers to reach new users with mobile apps. When any developer starts working with the influencer with thousands and millions of followers, the app will be checked by all these followers. And this can lead to higher app recognition and influencer’s follower will directly head to an app store to download the mobile application.

Reach The Relevant And Genuine Audience

App developers must make sure they work with the influencers that function in the same industry or niche as the app they have developed. Let’s say it is a fitness app, the developer needs to find an influencer who is working in the fitness & wellness niche. Working with the right influencer will make sure your app gets before your audience who is likely to install the application.

Build Trust Among the Audience 

Before influencers recommend any app, they need to try it personally and then convey their opinion to their followers. They do not always share the positive aspects but also highlight the negatives and it is how they get their follower’s trust. It is more relatable and genuine than celebrity endorsements. Developers working with reputable influencers, thus, get some credibility from this and get more users to download their application. 


The digital marketing landscape is rapidly shifting, and those who are not keeping it up are wasting out their ad budgets, lessening their market share and losing customers.

Luckily, influencer marketing is not going anywhere so soon.