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With an increasing and cut-throat mobile gaming market, we can see that even most of the tried & tested methods that have gathered huge numbers of users earlier are at risk of becoming quite ineffective. It can be because of the overall market competition like it is to improved automation of platforms like Facebook and Google.

With this being said, the difference between mobile ad creative, desktop or other devices is in no way synonymous with each other. Mobile ad creatives must be treated differently from other such devices to maximize the performance of your campaigns. 

Want to generate a strong campaign and offer potential customers the best experience and trigger their attention? Creatives decide whether any person would be interested in your mobile app to download and become a trusted user to use it or make any in-app purchases producing revenue or brand loyalty. 

Everybody wants videos because they are watching it!!

To deliver brand and performance media budgets, advertisers are looking to invest in the mobile videos for:

  • Captivating their audience audibly and visually by full-screen formats and creating meaningful engagements.
  • Reaching their users in the format they are consuming media.
  • Helping consumers to get to know their brand and value that will lead to the higher brand lift and recall.

If your time and budget are tight, combining the basic motion or demo in motion will be a good way to start (depending on your game complexity). Including still images and animations to display how your game can work saves you plenty of money and time, and allows you to experiment with different variations.

Understanding the difference: stills or videos

Today industry favours more video content for creative ads. No matter whether it is due to improved click-through rates (CTR) or a need to stay competitive with stimulating visuals, videos have become a standard across various industries. However, is there a place for static creative work?


Despite an overall trend, still, there are ways for finding success with the static creative mobile ads, which depends on your situation or platforms you are looking to target. Non-animated stills come at a lower production rate and a low CPC. Since the creative ad marketplace is moving quite fast, it is best to have a set of assets, which are simple to turn out and improve, with plenty of different variations.


Video-based mobile creative adverts generally come in different sizes and shapes, and because of their effectiveness of delivering the sensory-filled experience and deeper engagement, the video has become the popular format used at present.

Having a strong and creative video ad will tell your brand story in complex detail more effectively than the still advert. Conveying moods, perspectives, feelings, and more with higher impact, videos will deliver ‘sticky’ experiences emotionally that work very well to engage your audience and bring them on your platform. The video ads include different formats like animated promotional displays, interactive gameplay and more. 

Bottom Line

Whether you are working with the publisher or UA partner who takes complete care of your creative ad work and developing your mobile ads in house, consider things such as your target audience, channels, budget, and very importantly, how you want to put across your mobile game.